Dr. Ben Walton

Senior President & Director of Studies in Music

As Senior President, Dr Walton keeps in close touch with the junior presidents, and advises as required on all matters connected with JCMS.


Richard Pinel

Senior Treasurer & Director of Music

Richard Pinel is responsible for training and directing the College's two highly-regarded choirs along with overseeing all music-making within the College. In addition he maintains an active organ recital career, directs The Edington Festival of Music Within the Liturgy, and is trustee of New Paths Music. To find out more about Richard Pinel click here and to find out more about the College choirs click here.

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Serena Shah

Junior President

I am in my final year studying Music as an undergraduate at Jesus College. I play the piano, violin, sing and have attempted the organ (which I did not succeed at due to my inability to reach the pedals). During term time, I sing with the Choirs at Jesus and play violin in the orchestras of the Cambridge University Musical Society and JCMS. Beyond the stressful Muso life at Cambridge, I play in and manage a string group called No Strings Attached – for more information, see our website: nostringsattachedmusicgroup.wordpress.com .

As Co-President with Jordan, it is my role to ensure the smooth running of the music society, from the weekly rehearsals and recitals to the termly concerts and events. I am also responsible for managing the committee and maintaining the successful profile of JCMS as one of the larger collegiate music societies in the university.

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Jordan Wong

Junior President & Senior Organ Scholar

I am currently a third-year undergraduate reading Classics. As the Senior Organ Scholar, my daily schedule includes accompanying the two choirs, assisting with the training of choristers, and occasionally conducting rehearsals and services. But as a co-President, I ensure that everything in the Society is running smoothly, from a regular orchestra rehearsal to a termly concert with a full chapel.

When I don’t bury myself in the organ loft or in the plethora of irregular Greek verbs, I will be found usually in the JCMS orchestra playing percussion (mainly pitched), the piano, or possibly the organ. In my spare time (if I have any…), you may find me in the Union, exploring languages (Proto-Indo-European, anyone?), or pretending that I can write like Cicero. I am also available as an accompanist to members of the College. Should you have any questions and don’t know whom to ask, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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Harri Bell-Thomas


I am currently in my second year studying Computer Science as an undergraduate at Jesus College. I am a percussionist and casual pianist, mainly playing the Timpani in the JCMS Orchestra. As Secretary, I try to coordinate members of the committee through endless emails and pestering Facebook messages, as well as scribing during our regular meetings. I am also in charge of acquiring the repertoire for the Orchestra and (with the help of the Presidents) acting the JCMS librarian.

Beyond college life and Computer Science, I am heavily involved in the Cambridge University Law Society as their Technical Lead; as such you could say I’m now a master ‘fake lawyer’. You’re most likely to find me enjoying free food at a Law social or enjoying the Cambridge coffee shop scene in one of the many Caffè Neros.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to hear from you!

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Hamish MacGregor

Junior Treasurer

I am in my third year studying Natural Sciences, specialising in Physics. I am a violinist in (and occasional conductor of) the JCMS orchestra, and I am taking on the role of Junior Treasurer this year, having previously served as Inventory Manager. I have also performed with CUMSSO, and sing in the College Choir, as well as playing football and cricket in my (limited) spare time.

As Junior Treasurer, I look after the day-to-day financial workings of the society, dealing with everything from buying instruments (recent acquisitions include a brand-new concert xylophone) to food and drink at concerts and parties, in liaison with the Senior Treasurer and Director of Music, Richard Pinel. Feel free to contact me about any financial matter concerning JCMS. For instrument or music hire, please contact the Inventory Manager, Oliver Hope.

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Sarah Bate

Concert Manager

I am in my third year at Jesus studying veterinary medicine. I love all things animals (especially owls) but also enjoy playing the bassoon, clarinet, and piano. During the holidays when I am not lambing, pig farming or youth hostelling, I play my bassoon with Kent County Youth Orchestra, exploring a wide range of repertoire.

As concert manager I ensure that everything runs smoothly on concert day; this includes booking venues, buying flowers and wine for conductors and soloists, and making sure that everyone knows what to wear.

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Joanna Ward


I am a second year music student at Jesus. My main thing is composing, although I also sing in the choir and dabble in playing the electric bass, which I can be found doing in a band called JinJazz (which is exclusively made up of ginger people, it's lolz).

Other than music (which does seem to consume my life most of the time), I enjoy cooking for people, drinking coffee, tea, or gin, taking #edgy photos, and going to the pub. I also quite like having a rant about politics - usually featuring something to do with being Northern or vegan.

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Dewi Rees

Programmes & Junior Organ Scholar

I’m in my second year studying music and have decided this year to use that knowledge to copy and paste programmes onto a template. As the Junior Organ Scholar of the college my main expertise lies in photocopying, something which will come in handy in my role on the JCMS committee.

However, the role will pose some challenges, such as the safe use of a guillotine. I usually end up playing the trumpet in JCMS rehearsals and concerts, although I have dabbled in the triangle. When not practising or performing music I like to spend time on my hobbies of baking and knitting.

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Pippa Stevens

Recitals Manager

I am in my second year at Jesus College studying Physical Natural Sciences: Physics and Earth Sciences. By day, I spend most of my life in Cambridge running (well, cycling!) between lectures, rehearsals, and practicals. As a dedicated oboist and a harpist, I love playing repertoire of any scale, be it solo, in a chamber group, pit band, orchestra or an (alternative) jazz ensemble! As a break from the sedentary existence of a physicist and musician, I am a joint captain of the Jesus Girls' Football team and love to run along the Cam, play tennis and squash.

My role for JCMS involves organising performers for the Saturday evening recital series in Chapel, publishing the lists and then listening to said fantastic musicians! If you would like to perform in a recital (solo, shared or in a group) please do not hesitate to get in touch via Facebook or email and I will find you a slot.

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Dorothy Hoskins

Orchestral Manager

I am in my third year of the Music tripos, and am specialising in history and opera. I sing soprano in Jesus College Choir and play the viola in several Cambridge ensembles (the most notable of which is of course JCMS), so am often seen either in a cassock or with a viola on my back and, occasionally, both.

As Orchestral Manager I am responsible for fixing the players for each concert. This involves communicating with our conductors and regular members in advance, and then coaxing other musicians from far and wide to fill in the gaps. I’m hoping this will be easy thanks to the weekly sweet treats and legendary after-concert parties, courtesy of our rather infamous Social Secretary Bazalgette. Reply to my emails and I will love you.

When not playing, singing or tending to essays and emails, I enjoy cooking, Tuesday Cindies and attempting to destroy the patriarchy (aspiring female conductors please come forward).

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Jack Bazalgette

Social Secretary

Jack Bazalgette is a 3rd year music student, and as yet has not sent in a biography.

If you wish to know more about him, email him and I'm sure he'd be very happy to send you his bio in person.

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George Raikes

Chapel Sessions Manager

Hello I'm George, a third year studying Music. The Jesus Chapel Sessions Series is the College's answer to ArcSoc or King's Affair. This decidedly alternative event will introduced the chapel to bean bags, duvets and some genres of music which are rarely heard in such a beautiful place. After a successful year of termly 'Blues and Chill' concerts, and of course the mandatory performance of the Snowman with celebrity guest appearances, plans continuing to grow... Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me in person or through my email below if you have any ideas for an event, I'd love to meet you for an artisan coffee.

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Ben Dennes


I'm a second-year undergraduate studying Natural Sciences (Physical), specialising this year in Chemistry and Materials Science.

My most time-consuming musical activity takes place in the chapel, as a choral scholar. The College Choir sings four services of evensong a week - perks of the role include tours (to places as varied as Malta and the Wirral), feasts, and the excuse to wear highly fetching cassocks. As a percussionist in the JCMS orchestra, concerts usually involve me running between various instruments I'm not qualified to use, and attempting to count through hundreds of bars of rests. My starring role playing the sleigh bells at the beginning of Mahler 4 was a particular highlight of last year. I also play drums in Jesus College's resident ginger-haired jazz quartet, JinJazz (book us for May Balls!)

Do email me if you find anything wrong with the website; I'm only human after all..!

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Oliver Hope

Inventory Manager

I am a second year Computer Scientist at Jesus College. Outside of the never ending maths, I play the clarinet in the JCMS orchestra and the alto sax in JCBB. I also find the time to fit in a little fencing.

As Inventory Manager, I am of course in charge of maintaining the JCMS inventory. This includes the hiring out of instruments and music, and also looking after all the JCMS equipment. Therefore, please contact me with enquiries for hiring instruments and music, and to report any damage or other problems with equipment.

email Oliver

We are the 2017-18 JCMS Committee. Please feel free to email any of us, or alternatively email the committee as a whole.

Senior President: Dr. Ben Walton
Senior Treasurer: Richard Pinel
Junior Co-President: Serena Shah
Junior Co-President & Senior Organ Scholar: Jordan Wong
Secretary: Harri Bell-Thomas
Junior Treasurer: Hamish MacGregor
Concert Manager: Sarah Bate
Publicity: Joanna Ward
Programmes & Junior Organ Scholar: Dewi Rees
Recitals Manager: Pippa Stevens
Orchestral Manager: Dorothy Hoskins
Social Secretary: Jack Bazalgette
Chapel Sessions Manager: George Raikes
Webmaster: Ben Dennes
Inventory Manager: Oliver Hope