Dr. Ben Walton

Senior President & Director of Studies in Music

As Senior President, Dr Walton keeps in close touch with the junior presidents, and advises as required on all matters connected with JCMS.


Richard Pinel

Senior Treasurer & Director of Music

Richard Pinel is responsible for training and directing the College's two highly-regarded choirs along with overseeing all music-making within the College. In addition he maintains an active organ recital career, directs The Edington Festival of Music Within the Liturgy, and is trustee of New Paths Music. To find out more about Richard Pinel click here and to find out more about the College choirs click here.

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Louis Wilson

Junior President

Having spent three years as a Natural Scientist at the College, I am now in my first year of a PhD in Plant Sciences. I play horn (and sometimes violin), and have performed with CUMSSO, CCMS and The Percival Ensemble; I have also conducted the JCMS orchestra on a number of occasions. As both a choral scholar and an instrumentalist, I have become well acquainted with the music scene in College, but when not engrossed in polyphony I can sometimes be found roaming the Botanic Garden admiring the plant kingdom.

In sharing the role of President with Sapphire, I am primarily responsible for managing the committee and overseeing the organisation of societal events, not to mention maintaining the success of JCMS as one of the University’s larger collegiate music societies. I enjoy music from many historical periods, but my favourite composers are Handel and Mahler.

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Sapphire Armitage

Junior President

I am a third-year Music student and and am also a soprano choral scholar at Jesus. As co-President with Louis it is my role to ensure the smooth running of the music society, from the weekly recital series to the termly orchestral concerts performed by members of the college.

Outside of JCMS, I am into gender studies, Monteverdi, Poulenc and Britten. I like singing soprano with various groups across the university, pretending I am a much better violist than I actually am, and reading Vogue. I also harbour dreams of leaving Cambridge with a half blue by representing the University on the fives court.

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Serena Shah


I am in my second year studying Music as an undergraduate at Jesus College. I play the piano, violin, sing and attempted the organ (which I did not succeed at due to my inability to reach the pedals). During term time, I sing with the Choirs at Jesus and play violin in the orchestras of the Cambridge University Musical Society. Beyond the stressful Muso life at Cambridge, I play in and manage a string group called No Strings Attached – for more information, click here nostringsattachedmusicgroup.wordpress.com. I am of Indian origin and never stop talking about how I love all things Indian – food, clothes, Bollywood, and boys.]

As Secretary, I try to coordinate members of the committee through endless emails and pestering Facebook messages, as well as scribing during our regular meetings. I also act as the librarian, organising and often looking after the music we have acquired throughout the years, as well as hiring it out to other organisations and hiring in some of the stranger music that our ensembles perform. If you have any enquiries about JCMS, I will be happy to receive them!

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Toby Miller

Junior Treasurer

I am in my second year studying for a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, having completed four years as an undergraduate at Jesus. I took the role of Webmaster in the JCMS committee in my second year, and am now in my fourth year as Junior Treasurer. Alongside my academic studies I am a choral scholar and webmaster in Jesus College Choir. I am also a keen videographer, working as chief technician for Replay (a company which provides filming and editing services for concerts and other events in Cambridge), and the comedy YouTube channel Olilord (link: https://www.youtube.com/olilord). Additionally, I am an administrator of the JCSU server Zeus, on which this and many other society websites run.

As Junior Treasurer my job is mostly about trying to keep Mr Williams (MA (Cantab), FRCO) in his place. However when I'm not doing that I also deal with paying for things: most notably music hire, instrument hire, interval drinks, strawberries, and JCMS parties, although not in that order! I also deal with hiring out instruments (see here (link to instrument hire) for details).

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Sarah Bate

Concert Manager

I am in my second year at Jesus studying veterinary medicine. I love all things animals (especially owls) but also enjoy playing the bassoon, clarinet, and piano. During the holidays when I am not lambing, pig farming or youth hostelling, I play my bassoon with Kent County Youth Orchestra, exploring a wide range of repertoire.

As concert manager I ensure that everything runs smoothly on concert day; this includes booking venues, buying flowers and wine for conductors and soloists, and making sure that everyone knows what to wear.

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Naomi Reiss


Hello! I’m Naomi, a second-year German and Spanish student whose main passion in life is the consumption of coffee and cake over as broad a geographical-linguistic territory as possible, but sometimes can be found playing the flute with great enthusiasm (if inconsistent accuracy) to work off the subsequent carb intake from aforementioned gastronomic habits. I may also be spotted singing Bach and Byrd whilst cunningly disguised as a choral scholar in Jesus College chapel, or, by way of a balanced musical and spiritual diet, belting out some banging worship tunes in church. I also like musicals, and achieved mild notoriety in the Jesus music scene for featuring Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in my choral audition. When not thus further informing my diverse musical interests, I enjoy escaping to remote locations to hike and watching Disney films.

As Publicity Manager, I wield the weapons of social media and good old-fashioned postering to ensure a healthy attendance at all the wonderful JCMS concerts, so look forward to hearing a great deal from me about various exciting events throughout the year!

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Aiden Chan


I’m in my fourth year studying Engineering at Jesus College. Having been Programmes Manager for three years running, my role is rather self-explanatory – I organise the programmes for the recitals and concerts held at Jesus College, which involves a lot of copy-pasting and trips to the printer. If you need me, I can often be found messing around in the horn section of the JCMS Orchestra, though I occasionally play with the Cambridge University Wind Orchestra as well. I am also President of the Jesus Singers, in which I am a keen tenor.

In my spare time I enjoy building sculptures out of Lego Bionicle, playing badminton, dabbling in event photography, and collecting horn-related trinkets with which to decorate my room. (The current list is as follows: a T-shirt, a fridge magnet, two keyrings, a mug, a hunting horn, a pencil sharpener, a polishing cloth, cuff links, and a tie clip. If you spot something that I might like, my birthday is April 11th.) I am also a cox for the Jesus College Boat Club, and let me assure you, shouting angrily down a microphone for an hour or two does wonders for my singing voice!

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Gary Rushton

Recitals Manager

Gary Rushton (2nd year music) was born in Budapest in 1995, but began his musical career in the United States where he began playing the piano at 8 years old. He moved back to the UK in 2006, and developed a keen interest in singing at his secondary school, eventually joining the prestigious Halle Youth Choir in 2012, with whom he toured in Belgium, Scotland and France, as well as participating in two BBC proms. Gary is regularly involved in various operas and musicals including highlighting as Francis Bacon in ’the Francis Bacon opera’ at the ADC, and participating in Handel’s ‘Jeptha’ at the Fitzpatrick Hall.

Gary is a current member of the Choir of Jesus College as a tenor, and is the musical director for the Jesus Singers, a non-auditioned choir at Jesus College. He also sings with the Fisher consort and with Vox Cantab, both based in Cambridge. As a composer he has premiered two silent film scores in Jesus College, and is always looking for new platforms for his choral and instrumental works.

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Dorothy Hoskins

Orchestral Manager

I am in my second year of the Music tripos, and am specialising in history and opera. I sing soprano in Jesus College Choir and play the viola in several Cambridge ensembles (the most notable of which is of course JCMS), so am often seen either in a cassock or with a viola on my back and, occasionally, both.

As Orchestral Manager I am responsible for fixing the players for each concert. This involves communicating with our conductors and regular members in advance, and then coaxing other musicians from far and wide to fill in the gaps. I’m hoping this will be easy thanks to the weekly sweet treats and legendary after-concert parties, courtesy of our rather infamous Social Secretary Bazalgette. Reply to my emails and I will love you.

When not playing, singing or tending to essays and emails, I enjoy cooking, Tuesday Cindies and attempting to destroy the patriarchy (aspiring female conductors please come forward).

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Jack Bazalgette

Social Secretary

Jack Bazalgette is a 2nd year music student, and as yet has not sent in a biography.

If you wish to know more about him, email him and I'm sure he'd be very happy to send you his bio in person.

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George Raikes

Chapel Sessions Manager

Hello I'm George, a second year studying Music. The Jesus Chapel Sessions Series is the College's answer to ArcSoc or King's Affair. This decidedly alternative event will introduce the chapel to bean bags, duvets and hopefully some genres of music which are rarely heard in such a beautiful place. Early plans include a night of 'Blues and Chill' and of course the mandatory performance of the Snowman with celebrity guest appearances... Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me in person or through my email below if you have any ideas for an event, I'd love to meet you for an artisan coffee.

email George


Luke Johnson


I am a third year engineer specialising in Bioengineering (normal Engineering, but squishier). After being the Defence Officer in the 2015-16 committee, I now have a real job as the Webmaster, involving keeping the website up to date and maintaining the email lists. An unexpected bonus of this is that the rest of the committee has to be very nice to me otherwise they might find their biographies have been 'updated' (see Jack Bazalgette above).

Within JCMS I usually hide around the back of the first violins, and occasionally join in with the Jesus Singers without them noticing. Otherwise, I play a fair amount of hockey, buy anachronistic pieces of technology and waste the rest of my time on the Internet.

Email me if you find something wrong with the website, I am only human after all.

email Luke


Hamish MacGregor

Inventory Manager

I am a second-year undergraduate studying Natural Sciences (Physical) at Jesus College. Aside from the equations, I play the violin in the JCMS orchestra and sing in the College Choir. In my spare time I enjoy football and cricket, and am an occasional visitor to the Union (when there is time!)

As Inventory Manager I am in charge of looking after and lending out the musical equipment owned by JCMS: the instruments, stands etc. kept in the Chapel, Picken Room and the practice rooms. Contact me if you want to hire anything from us, would like to report anything missing or damaged or have any general queries about the musical equipment available from JCMS.

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Jordan Wong

Senior Organ Scholar

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We are the 2016-17 JCMS Committee. Please feel free to email any of us, or alternatively email the committee as a whole.

Senior President: Dr. Ben Walton
Senior Treasurer: Richard Pinel
Junior Co-President: Louis Wilson
Junior Co-President: Sapphire Armitage
Secretary: Serena Shah
Junior Treasurer: Toby Miller
Concert Manager: Sarah Bate
Publicity: Naomi Reiss
Programmes: Aiden Chan
Recitals Manager: Gary Rushton
Orchestral Manager: Dorothy Hoskins
Social Secretary: Jack Bazalgette
Chapel Sessions Manager: George Raikes
Webmaster: Luke Johnson
Inventory Manager: Hamish MacGregor
Senior Organ Scholar: Jordan Wong